Thursday, May 22, 2008

ex-Linden CTO Corey Ondrejka Gets a New Gig ...

From Corey's blog it seems he is recharging his batteries before starting a new job. Will be very interesting to see where this virtual world guru goes next after building Second Life;

been off the grid a bit

Apologies for recent lack of posting. I owe a serious recap of my semester at APOC, but that isn't going to happen right now. I've been enjoying two weeks mostly off the grid, hanging out at home, teaching my daughter to swim, and learning that my wife consistently kicks my ass at Boom Blox. It's been most excellent and not at all conducive to blogging. It has also been the perfect recharge before starting my next gig. Details to come.

Monday, May 19, 2008

How Underwhelming ...

Millions of Us Hires Brian Dunbar as EVP, Client Services

Millions of Us announced today that it had hired Brian Dunbar, formerly an Associate Partner and Group Account Director at Goodby Silverstein & Partners, as the new Executive Vice President, Client Services. Dunbar has worked with brands like American Airlines, E*TRADE, eBay, Saturn, Adobe, Frito Lay, and Budweiser as well as the city of San Francisco to promote the volunteer program SF Connect. "Social media and virtual worlds are growing exponentially and are creating a huge opportunity for marketers. Millions of Us is quickly establishing itself as a leader in this new marketing frontier and I am tremendously excited to join their leadership team," Dunbar said in a statement.