Thursday, June 4, 2009

HABBO Study Shows Competitors More Popular ... Than HABBO!

Sulake makers of Habbo released its annual Global Habbo Youth Survey Brand Update which in typical Sulake ass-backwards fashion shows its competitors are more popular than HABBO itself; "The study, says Habbo, explores teens' connection and interests toward individual brands and highlights their preferences in categories including consumer electronics, music, sportswear, and games. On the game/virtual worlds front, Runescape maintained its number one status among US respondents, followed by Gaia Online, IMVU, World of Warcraft, and Club Penguin.

Linden Lab Hires Too Many Too Soon

Linden is hiring way too many people way too soon. Virtual worlds for the enterprise is still 2 years away... What is really funny is how many of these Linden Folk slog off to work in a real life office cubicle rarely employing their own virtual world for work ... Second Life rarely works like its supposed to and even no-life shut-in 400lb Virtual Vampire Role players complain about its reliability so what Fortune 500 Company would actually serious consider using the same buggy virtual collage of technology to run inside their own company? And still keep their job that is. We all saw what happenned to Renaud and EPredator "Is the eminent roll-out of Nebraska, the virtual world-in-a-box being developed at Linden Lab, responsible for the company's rabid pace of hiring? According to the San Francisco Business Times, Linden Lab has hired nearly 30 people since the beginning of the year, with 25 of the hires devoted to the marketing and development of Second Life products for enterprise customers. And still there is a need for 18 additional staffers, according to the company. But just how many of those new and upcoming hires are related to LL's standalone version of Second Life designed to run behind a company's (or school's) firewall, the company wouldn't say. One thing it would disclose is that pricing for the product is due to be revealed this summer."