Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Say Hello to PG's Moldovian Girlfriend ...

Well, their beer is crap but Moldovan pizza is surprisingly good!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Beware Dave Walker!

A GMAIL PG recently received from notorious scammer Dave Walker - no relation to this Walker who is a Good Guy; "This is to officially inform you that (ATM Card Number;5299751493779935 with a fund worth 2.8 Million Dollars has been accredited in your favor,Please Contact Mr. Dave Walker ( With the following,
Full Name:Delivery Address: Age: Occupation: and Phone Number: Best Regards.
Mr. Dave Walker"

Monday, May 4, 2009

Wizard 101 Sells Prepaids in 7-11

KingsIsle Entertainment announced today that its Wizard101 virtual world had registered over 2 million unique users. To support those users--and monetize them--the company is also launching $10 prepaid cards in 7-Eleven stores across the nation.

How Sulake Makes Cash From Habbo Credits

It's all here Dear Readers!

Wanna Work at Sulake?

... if you do check out
... if you are successful you will work for Li Ma or (is it Li Nieminen?)

eCommerce Manager - Helsinki/Finland

We are looking for a motivated individual to join the Sulake Payment Support unit in the Helsinki Headquarters. eCommerce Manager will work closely with Director, Payment Support to carry out the following main tasks:

· Make eCommerce related business analysis, share findings and introduce good business practice with relevant business units.
· Conduct market research, identify innovative payment methods, design pilots, formulate the business model to improve monetization, identify new business opportunities and formulate associated business plans.
· Participate in global payment partnership management and deal negotiations.
· Plan and execute eCommerce related projects.

eCommerce Manager will also work closely with other HQ units, namely Development, Finance, Habbo Product, Marketing and other business units. eCommerce Manager reports to Li Nieminen, Director, Payment Support unit.

Key Competences:

· BBA or MSc degree in business studies
· Proven track record in International online business or eCommerce business area
· Good analytical and presentation skills. Proficiency in using Excel or other research analysis tools.
· Confident self-starter, pro-actively and independently carry out tasks and willing to develop skills and capability.
· Willing to work both in planning and execution.
· Demonstrate problem solving and negotiation skills
· Fluent spoken and written English are must. Other language skills are a bonus.
· Good communicator & a team player

To apply for this position, please fill in the online application form no later than 17 May 2009.

Apply now

Building Payment Networks - Part 4

So now that you have your biller built (or bought) and you have licensed and integrated your accounting software to your biller, you need a plan.
This boils down to choosing the right payment method mix per payment system. In any successful hight-profit margin payment system targeted at a diverse demographic of kids, teens, moms and dads, you need a wholeistic approach to payment method selection to create the widest possible payment network reach. Basically, you need to cover the 3 main payment categories which are;

1. Online Payment Method (s) i.e. Credit Cards, Internet Bank Payment(s), PayPal;

2. Offline Payment Method(s) i.e. prepaid cards, e-voucher/e-pin code generators; and

3. Telco Payment Method (s) (mobile sms, IVR).

This should be replicated in each market / region via a consistent systematic approach. To do this you either a) integrate to a turnkey hosted payment network provider with a diverse portfolio of payment methods in your home market and / or internationally, or b) do it yourself.

Our next blog post in this series will describe in more detail how you can go about selecting partners per method.