Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Ever wonder about the confluence of Steve's /

Stephen's and mobiles?

Disney Buys Finnish Rocket Pack

Why do all the Americans get the good Finnish companies? Wonder why NOKIA let's these gems get away http://www.portfolio.com/views/blogs/daily-brief/2011/03/03/disney-purchases-game-tool-maker-rocket-pack-in-end-run-around-app-store-costs" Then again, NOKIA may be American-owned pretty soon.

NOKIA Drops $5mill in SponsorPay

Bo Ilsoe and Team place a smart bet

Payment Architects Wanted!

If your skilled in the art of designing and architecting payment networks, PG invites you to join PAYMENTGUYS (& PAYMENTGIRLS). This is a group of payment specialists who like to do freelance payment gigs. Preferably you are a skilled developer and/or have some formal training in architecture and are for example TOGAF certified. But experience, interest and passion are what is most important. Please contact paymentguy@gmail.com.

NFC Payments Coming Soon to A Phone Near You!

NYTimes talks about some pending NFC payment initiatives