Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Management Shuffle At Sulake

Juha Hynynen the former COO, CFO and Deputy CEO has left Sulake and the management team has 2 "new" additions being Phil Guest (new to the Management)

and Sampo Karjalainen (one of the Genius Co-Founders who used to sit on the Management) .
This reshuffle comes at a time of bad news for Sulake and its portfolio of games, social networks and virtual worlds. Its new title Bobbo has not taken off, it's social networking site IRC Galleria is losing members and Sulake itself recently laid off staff. Notably absent in the new management composition is a North American. But Sulake did hire a Finnish guy who lived in the States and made millions so stay tuned and see what this year will bring for Sulake. Sadly, PG is not bullish on HABBO, Bobba or IRC
Sulake with HABBO has made astounding amounts of cash and thrilled 10's of millions of kids and teen all over the world. A truly inspiring and original creation but a golden goose doomed by (well everyone knows ... so why state the obvious?)