Wednesday, February 25, 2009

WhatsYourPlace - A Cool GOOGLE Maps Mashup

Thanks for the info from Tobias in Munich!

Munich, Feb 26, 2009: Novel online service lets users buy places in the real world – in virtual terms

WhatsYourPlace is a Google Maps Mashup that lets members own and showcase their favorite places. Today, the web-service has officially launched an English language version to target the global market. The Munich-based online community has been up and running in Germany for more than a year, and successfully proven the innovative concept to meet substantial market demand. People with an emotional attachment to any spot on the earth can now stake a virtual claim on it. Each place has its own URL and profile page („land register records“), and the land owner alone is entitled to edit that unique place profile. Hence, virtual land ownership is an exclusive way for expressing attachment to a place and to showcase that spot to the world. Editing means include picture upload, tagging, geo-marking, adding notes, or adding time stamps. As these features are embedded into a social community environment, other members will bookmark a parcel, comment on it, or even share their own pictures or related experiences with the land owner. More advanced community features include grouping places and inviting residents to a private area.

Membership to the community is free of charge, virtual land ownership comes at 9.95 USD an acre. Ownership is without time restriction and entails full reselling rights. All features bound to land ownership can be tested for free buy obtaining a “trial parcel”, which will be removed after 30 days. So far, over 25.000 acres have been sold. The entire world is for sale, the only exception being parts of the globe that Google Maps does not yet cover well. It is the philosophy of WhatsYourPlace that places must be absolutely unique, such that per place, there is only one owner worldwide."

If you want to learn more, reach out to Tobias Lampe CEO of creator Value Maps GmbH
Klausenburgerstr. 9
81677 M√ľnchen
Tel: 089 37414258
Mobil: 0151 1720 5567
Fax: 089 37414257

Springboard Into Europe

Everyone simply needs to make Euros if they can But launching in the EU without a local partner is time consuming, tricky and expensive. If you want a partner to help you launch your virtual world, mmo or social network throughout the European Union there is actually only one pioneering studio of developers to call. That is this new Finnish startup composed of devs from leading Scandinavian gaming, design and virtual world studios - Spring Board Labs. Springboard Labs offers all of the infrastructure pieces from server colos, payment systems/billing, technical/customer support and language localization /web development to publish your property in any European language. Here is the link Don't let the boring site fool you. PG knows these guys and they are the first to figure out how to make launching a virtual world or mmo in Europe - EASY and FAST. Drop Tommi a mail at and tell him PG sent you. Guaranteed you will not be disappointed.

MySQL Dude Invests in Virtual Industry's Silliest Named Offering

Yesterday Ironstar Helsinki, publisher of mobile social network virtual world not sure what to call it yet but damn well better change the stupid name ASAP microtransaction virtual world MoiPal, proudly announced MySQL creator and founder Monty Widenius had become one of its investors.

The investment comes through Widenius's Open Ocean company which seeks out starts-ups focusing on disruptive technologies and tries to help them find financial success. The amount of the investment or the intended purpose of the funds is currently undisclosed. But it should be enough to spend some marketing euros and change the name to something decent.

PG PS: Also thought Jaiku was a stupid name. But when GOOGLE bagged them I admit I felt kinda stupid! So if NOKIA buys MoiPal, PG will feel similarly stupid.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Leading Virtual World Developer Electirc Sheep Axe Staff

From Virtual World News this article about leaidng virtual world developer ESC's layoffs; "Electric Sheep Company Cuts Five" - Today the Electric Sheep Company let go five employees due. The affected employees include VP of Software Patrick O'Shaughnessey and Director of Business Development John Swords. The cuts, according to CEO Sibley Verbeck, are due to larger economic issues and potential clients' budgets.

I think most of the eSheeps are vegetarians however ...

Monday, February 23, 2009

ePredaotor Becomes eConsultant

Yup, ePredator voluntarily left a high paying cushy job at IBM to start his own company. Sorry to sound like a prick about this but who the hell ever leaves any "Evangelist" position voluntarily Anyway... Well, perhaps some others do like CISCO's Christian Renaud perhaps (yeah right ...).

Ok, so the intro to this post seems nasty but its not. Both a very smart and talented guys. Renaud is especially impressive and in PG's humble IMO is the smartest dude around about enterprise application and adoption of virtual world technology. If you don't believe PG then read and see for yourself. Anyway, someday very soon, when enterprise virtual worlds take off (start measuring the roi Dear CFO's...) and are seen as a necessary component to any enterprise IT's Infrastructure to allow workers to collaborate, network, improve productivity and idea flow remotely, especially in an age of travel restrictions and cost cutting, thought leading visionaries like Hughes and Renaud will be worth their weight in gold. So large globally dispersed multinationals should check out these guys and what they have to offer asap. Good luck with your new gig Ian!

Vindicia Bills 1Billion USD in 08 Expects to be Profitable in 09

Vindicia is a highly reccommended payment partner, especially to mitigate, prevent or reduce fraud and chargebacks. Congrats to Gene and his hard-working experienced team; "REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - February 11, 2009 - Vindicia, a leading provider of on-demand payment management software, today released 2008 performance metrics pointing to across-the-board growth and highlighting the company's expectation to capitalize on the year's success with accelerated growth in 2009. Underscoring its bullish outlook, the company expects to reach profitability in 2009 on forecasted revenues of between $6 to $8 million, a 100% increase over 2008 revenue. Vindicia handles approximately 160,000 online transactions a day, for a total of over 58 million in 2008. Also in 2008 the company billed $1 billion in revenue for its customers."

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Webkinz Sues Webcars - Or is it Webcarzz?

Don't let this photo fool you. Howard Ganz and Uncle Sam take no ... well, let's just say they will sue your bollocks off if you even think about stepping on their virtual world turf. Good luck litigating Howard!