Friday, February 13, 2009

Making EURO's - Springboard into Europe...

Want to do Europe? The EU has a lot to offer. Hot liberal minded chicks who drink beer and do not get fat because they ride bikes to work,

fascinating culture,

Belgian Waffles,

Eurorail, and most of all, EUROS which are worth much more than dollars!
Did PG mention the EU has hot chicks? Anyway, back to business... so PG was recently tipped to an uber-secret startup from Finland. No, it's not FRUUGO! This Finn startup is focusing on providing a turn-key platform consisting of the operational, customer support, server hosting and payment infrastructure pieces to allow ASIAN, North American and local EURO mmog's, virtual world publishers and social networking sites to launch, localize and start tapping into the lucrative EUROPEAN online market. Apparently, their platform and publishing network will operate across its 28 member states and other Euro countries like Norway and Switzerland. The start-up is launching this Monday 16.2 and PG will be doing a post on it. The only other venture of this type PG is aware of is France Telecomms very successful GOA Games, a part of the France Telecom Content Divison. Goa has been growing and thriving with 400 new jobs to be added in its Dublin base but still does not have pan-European infrastructure reach.

PG is informed this start-up will. So congrats and looking forward to hearing more. It's about time there was a 1-stop shop to localize and launch an online property throughout the EU. And pan-European customer support is something that should be in very hot demand as there is currently no company providing this service across the EU. So it seems to be a very cool and well-thought out venture. We will see about the execution. By the way, the picture above at the top is a hint hint to the name of the start-up comprised of people from such leading companies as Sulake, Disney Interactive, Linden Labs, Adminotechnologies, ClickandBuy, NOKIA and others. Stay tuned ... even PG is interested in this one.

PG PS Finland, home of this EU startup has many very hot blond chicks. So, in case you were wondering what Finland looks like in summer (after a few cold beers on the local city beach ;)

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