Friday, February 13, 2009

Did you know Runescape is now serious business?

PG had heard about this but never got around to blogging about it; Maker of RuneScape Hires CEO of PayPal Europe

Jagex announced it has hired the former CEO of PayPal Europe Ltd. Geoff Iddison has extensive experience in leading international ecommerce-based businesses and replaces Constant Tedder, who will remain on the board of Directors. Iddison held the position of CEO of eBay-owned payments business PayPal Europe Ltd from August 2003, having originally led the first expansion of PayPal from its base in California. Geoff had joined eBay in 2000 from Christies Inc. where he held the role of COO.
Iddison said, "I am very excited about joining Jagex. The company has built an amazing international playing community through the RuneScape game. The technology used to distribute the game and the incredible depth offered to anyone playing RuneScape makes Jagex a very different gaming company." RuneScape has over 6 million regular players worldwide. The browser-based game has attracted popularity across the globe with strong subscriber communities in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Scandinavia. In addition, Jagex recently launched a new German-language of RuneScape, "packed with the same number of features that have made the English-language version so widely popular."

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