Friday, February 13, 2009

ClickandBuy "The Salest Boosting Solution"

Get a load of this gobbledygook about ClickandBuy

ClickandBuy e-payment system offers salest boosting solution

ClickandBuy, an international full-service provider of e-payment and billing in the Netherlands and worldwide, one of the leading payment systems in the internet, will give online shops a considerable advantage, boosting their sales by up to 150 per cent. Study of ECC (E-Commerce-Center) confirms massive increases in sales for online retailers who use the ClickandBuy internet payment system. The result of the e-commerce study is based on a series of online experiments, involving more than 500 consumers carrying out just under 15,000 simulated purchases. Usually, an increase in sales of about 88 per cent can be reached on average in the case of online purchases exceeding an amount of 200 euros; in fact this can be reached by using secure payment systems. But in the case of using the ClickandBuy online payment system, the increase is about 150 per cent. For instance when there is a purchase of 50 euro, the increase for online retailers is on average 15 per cent in generally, but ClickandBuy can reach 28 per cent increase. There is an additional growth in customer confidence, which means enormous gains, since the public's anxiety about security cost money. New online shops in particular obtain advantages from cooperating with the market-tested ClickandBuy e-payment system: greater sales due to greater confidence. Quality of sales and the integration of payment systems such as ClickandBuy are able to reduce the rate of the customers’ losses."

Calling Stuart Ginsberg! Where are you? Please help us communicate our ecommerce message in plain old native speaker English.... Just kidding. Taking the piss on the C&B gang as usual. But to be fair to the folks at C&B, they probably had no input to this article. So PG is actually doing them a favor by alerting them to this gibberish.


Luke said...

"Please help us communicate our ecommerce message in plain old native English"

I thank you.

PaymentGuy said...

What the hell does your comment mean?

Stuart Ginsberg said...

i haven't worked with them for awhile, but thanks for the compliment.