Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Don't Forget About Fruugo ...

PG was delighted to get an email from the folks at Finnish startup Fruugo. Apparently, they are back in business, well they are in Beta at least. I wonder if they still suck http://paymentguy.blogspot.com/2008/11/fruugo-sucks-already.html;

Hi there,

A long, long time ago, at a desk far away (or maybe the one you're
sitting at now), you asked Fruugo for more information about what we're
doing. And then... there was nothing to hear but the low hiss of the
cosmic radio background.

We're sorry about that. We’ve been working day and night to get Fruugo
online and make it a really nice webshop where you'll find lots of
products from lots of retailers in lots of different countries. And it's
getting close! In the past couple weeks we’ve launched a beta version of
Fruugo and are gradually opening up to a few eager test users.

If you live in Finland and would like to be one of the first Fruugo
users, please go to www.fruugo.com and request an invitation.

Outside Finland? We'll be especially happy to welcome you to Fruugo,
too. It'll just take a little bit longer for us to finish all the
systems, but we're expanding to more countries real soon – Sweden is
next on the map, with other countries in Europe to follow.

Thanks for your interest and your patience. We look forward to shopping
with you!

All best,
The gang at Fruugo


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