Friday, February 13, 2009

Linden Lab Aquisition Reduces XL Street Payment Methods

No wires or cheques! From

Hi all,

Beginning March 1st, Xstreet will no longer accept check, money order, or wire transfer payments. Also we will no longer provide the option to cash-out by check. This is necessary to bring payments more in line with the existing policies for Second Life.

We'll continue to support incoming regular PayPal, credit card, and PayPal mass payments, as well as outgoing PayPal payments. Additionally, we don't expect any changes to how long it takes to process either incoming or outgoing payments.

Since Linden Lab's acquisition of Xstreet we've been working hard to build a road map for integration and make plans for the future. I'm happy to say that the basic planning is done and I'm really excited about what's in store.

You've already seen a few changes to the Xstreet service, and over the next few weeks and months you can expect the pace of change to increase. A lot of really great new features will be added and improvements made which will increase the value and appeal of our services even more. To get started, though, some fundamental changes such as this have to come first.

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