Thursday, April 23, 2009

Interesting revenue model for Aion
From our good friend Ryan at Sarf Studios Inc. who "Found that extended pay to play aspect interesting".

Monday, April 20, 2009

Building Payment Networks - Part 2

Building a biller can be done in house by one of your Devs who will treat it as an avoid at all costs 4 day old dog turd on a sidewalk. However, most Devs consider being labeled Billing Bitch worse than a bad burrito lunch. Thus, given your Devs will consider this the most thankless impossible to please and deliver on time headache no one will step up thus delaying your payment systems launch and costing you money, your likely better off just getting one from a reputable provider. Here are some good options if your Devs are way too lazy and underpaid to motivate themselves to step up to the challenge of coding your own internal billing system or you don't want to take the chance that the new guy with the pencil mustache on the student work term can figure it out over the summer;

1. Vindicia

2. Javien

3. Aria Systems

4. JBilling

However, if you are able to find a Dev with payment system and biller design and coding expertise and the willingness and motivation to lead and manage you payment projects and team - HIRE AT ALL COSTS!

Building Payment Networks - Part 1

Dear Readers, let PG fill you in on the A,B,C,'s of Payment Network Construction:

Step 1. Build a biller (code it in house, or license one from a billing system provider)

Step 2. License some accounting software (like Netsuite)to manage your cash flow

Step 3. Choose the right payment method mix (you need to cover the 3 main payment categories A. Online Payment Method(s) i.e. Credit Cards, Internet Bank Payment(s), PayPal; B. Offline Payment Method(s) i.e. prepaid cards, e-voucher/e-pin code generators; C. Telco (mobile sms, IVR)

Step 4. Choose the best payment partners per payment method (let PG help you ...)

Step 5. Organize a Payment Systems Team / eCommerce Unit (this is the G&A / Admin side of things)

Step 6. Design some killer easy to use web pages

Step 7. Tie it all together, test, deploy, launch it and repeat per market / country / language.

More details on each point to come. Stay tuned.. or email PG @ to get the straight talk direct and start making money ASAP.