Wednesday, February 25, 2009

WhatsYourPlace - A Cool GOOGLE Maps Mashup

Thanks for the info from Tobias in Munich!

Munich, Feb 26, 2009: Novel online service lets users buy places in the real world – in virtual terms

WhatsYourPlace is a Google Maps Mashup that lets members own and showcase their favorite places. Today, the web-service has officially launched an English language version to target the global market. The Munich-based online community has been up and running in Germany for more than a year, and successfully proven the innovative concept to meet substantial market demand. People with an emotional attachment to any spot on the earth can now stake a virtual claim on it. Each place has its own URL and profile page („land register records“), and the land owner alone is entitled to edit that unique place profile. Hence, virtual land ownership is an exclusive way for expressing attachment to a place and to showcase that spot to the world. Editing means include picture upload, tagging, geo-marking, adding notes, or adding time stamps. As these features are embedded into a social community environment, other members will bookmark a parcel, comment on it, or even share their own pictures or related experiences with the land owner. More advanced community features include grouping places and inviting residents to a private area.

Membership to the community is free of charge, virtual land ownership comes at 9.95 USD an acre. Ownership is without time restriction and entails full reselling rights. All features bound to land ownership can be tested for free buy obtaining a “trial parcel”, which will be removed after 30 days. So far, over 25.000 acres have been sold. The entire world is for sale, the only exception being parts of the globe that Google Maps does not yet cover well. It is the philosophy of WhatsYourPlace that places must be absolutely unique, such that per place, there is only one owner worldwide."

If you want to learn more, reach out to Tobias Lampe CEO of creator Value Maps GmbH
Klausenburgerstr. 9
81677 M√ľnchen
Tel: 089 37414258
Mobil: 0151 1720 5567
Fax: 089 37414257

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Good day,am atayero idowu a final year student in nigeris computer and information.i would love the be i member of the organisation.pls tell me how i can join to be you.