Wednesday, February 25, 2009

MySQL Dude Invests in Virtual Industry's Silliest Named Offering

Yesterday Ironstar Helsinki, publisher of mobile social network virtual world not sure what to call it yet but damn well better change the stupid name ASAP microtransaction virtual world MoiPal, proudly announced MySQL creator and founder Monty Widenius had become one of its investors.

The investment comes through Widenius's Open Ocean company which seeks out starts-ups focusing on disruptive technologies and tries to help them find financial success. The amount of the investment or the intended purpose of the funds is currently undisclosed. But it should be enough to spend some marketing euros and change the name to something decent.

PG PS: Also thought Jaiku was a stupid name. But when GOOGLE bagged them I admit I felt kinda stupid! So if NOKIA buys MoiPal, PG will feel similarly stupid.

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