Monday, February 23, 2009

ePredaotor Becomes eConsultant

Yup, ePredator voluntarily left a high paying cushy job at IBM to start his own company. Sorry to sound like a prick about this but who the hell ever leaves any "Evangelist" position voluntarily Anyway... Well, perhaps some others do like CISCO's Christian Renaud perhaps (yeah right ...).

Ok, so the intro to this post seems nasty but its not. Both a very smart and talented guys. Renaud is especially impressive and in PG's humble IMO is the smartest dude around about enterprise application and adoption of virtual world technology. If you don't believe PG then read and see for yourself. Anyway, someday very soon, when enterprise virtual worlds take off (start measuring the roi Dear CFO's...) and are seen as a necessary component to any enterprise IT's Infrastructure to allow workers to collaborate, network, improve productivity and idea flow remotely, especially in an age of travel restrictions and cost cutting, thought leading visionaries like Hughes and Renaud will be worth their weight in gold. So large globally dispersed multinationals should check out these guys and what they have to offer asap. Good luck with your new gig Ian!

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