Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Springboard Into Europe

Everyone simply needs to make Euros if they can But launching in the EU without a local partner is time consuming, tricky and expensive. If you want a partner to help you launch your virtual world, mmo or social network throughout the European Union there is actually only one pioneering studio of developers to call. That is this new Finnish startup composed of devs from leading Scandinavian gaming, design and virtual world studios - Spring Board Labs. Springboard Labs offers all of the infrastructure pieces from server colos, payment systems/billing, technical/customer support and language localization /web development to publish your property in any European language. Here is the link Don't let the boring site fool you. PG knows these guys and they are the first to figure out how to make launching a virtual world or mmo in Europe - EASY and FAST. Drop Tommi a mail at and tell him PG sent you. Guaranteed you will not be disappointed.

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