Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Samsung Takes Second Life Mobile

Samsung is showing off handsets running Second Life this week at CTIA Wireless 2008. Samsung, has been interested in developing consumer electronics around virtual worlds for some time and has had a presence in Second Life for just under a year. While there have been several other recent moves to make Second Life mobile, most have involved simply using a mobile interface to stream Second Life or run a stripped-down client. Samsung is adding unique functionality, though, including a blogging platform that lets users post to the Web and Second Life simultaneously as well as a contact list letting users communicate with Second Life users through SMS or voice. "We plan to commercialize phones equipped with the innovative wireless mobile solutions possibly from the second half of this year for U.S. consumers," a Samsung spokesperson told Korea Times. Samsung developed the application from the Second Life open-source client and created it to be compatible with Windows Mobile devices. Here is their SL build:

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