Friday, August 8, 2008

Clickandbuy VP HR Still With Company

Apparently, Berthold Hoeffken is still with Clickandbuy as VP HR. He must be very busy with all the layoffs and resignations. According to an email PaymentGuy received from Clickandbuy's Legal Counsels, coincidentally both of whom are first-named named "Christian" but have different last names; "Dear Sir or Madam, ... According to Mr. Hoeffken himself and the management, he has no intention to leave the company."...
Sincerely yours
Christian Daeumer, LL.M.
Legal Counsel

Kind regards,
Christian Däumer
Legal Counsel
So apparently there are two Christians who serve as Legal Counsels at Clickandbuy, one
Christian Daeumer, LL.M. and one Christian Däumer. Guess it takes (2) Christians to replace (1) Timo Seidel who left as ClickandBuy's Executive Director Legal and Compliance at ClickandBuy (Europe) Ltd. and VP Legal and Collections at ClickandBuy Services AG to be Senior Manager Corporate Legal Counsel at Qimonda
Phillip Barthold, formerly ClickandBuy's VP Financial Services left to join PayPal as a Senior Risk Consultant about the same time. There ... that should clarify the situation!
Sincerely yours and kind regards,

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