Saturday, August 16, 2008

Webkinz International eStore is All Wrong

Ganz Interactive has expanded the Webkinz brand internationally via it "estore" on a geographical basis. There are 20 countries (with such gigantic markets like Bahamas, Bermuda, Antigua, Cayman and British Virgin Islands ... while other "niche" markets like the entire European Union are missing) covered where you can buy virtual items and pets via credit card This is really weird. Rather than just simply making language versions and payment methods available for buyers around the world, Ganz appears to think they need some legal permissions "per country" to sell virtual items. Absolutely incorrect! There is no requirement for a country by country approval to sell virtual goods or items to residents or citizens on the internet. The Ganz Legal Dept. had better rethink this one as they are probably losing tonnes or money and new Webkinz signups with this flawed approach.

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