Wednesday, January 14, 2009

French Internationalizes launches micro-payment service into English market and expands coverage to Europe and Australia.

PaymentPin, founded in 2004 under its French product name of TelNip, has been a long time leader in micro-payments for French websites in Canada and overseas. Considerable system enhancements performed throughout early 2008 saw the launch of the service into the English market in Q4 of last year targeting high-volume and heavy traffic sites across the US, Canada and Europe. Already processing more than $4,000,000 a year in micro-transactions and using both mobile and phone line billing platforms they offer a fully secure infrastructure, varied price points and attractive payouts to website owners.

Popular among social networks, dating portals and online gaming domains their easy to use system embeds itself into the site avoiding the re-direct of traffic common with some other micro-payment processors. Additionally their direct agreements with carriers and telco’s has well positioned them as an industry leader and one to be paid attention to closely throughout 2009. With the fall of the US economy and the amount of credit card charge offs expected to more than quadruple in 2009, PaymentPin’s micro-processing platform increasingly provides an excellent platform to capture market share unable or unwilling to use their credit cards online.

For more information on this compelling service:

Darren Royea
Director of Business Development
Direct: 514.827.8768
87 Prince St., Suite 360
Montreal, QC H3C 2M7

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