Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Check out CyKash

Don Lee of CyKash was nice enough to drop PG a line and introduce himself and his prepaid solution CyKash. CyKash is "a universal virtual currency/multi-game prepaid card that can be redeemed at our partner game websites." According to Don they designed CyKash to make it as user-friendly and safe as possible with such features as.

- Redeem/Share value across multiple games

- Redeem directly at the game site

- No personal information required to redeem

- No extra fees

Game clients include: Atlantica, War Rock, Knight Online, Global Mu, Luminary, Shaiya, MegaTen, Three Kingdoms, Rohan, Seal Online, and many more. Check them out at or better yet, contact Don and see if he and his Team can help you make some money; Don Lee / CyKash, Inc. / 2350 Mission College Blvd. Ste.315 / Santa Clara, CA 95054 / Tel: 408-727-7510 / Fax: 408-727-7510
Mobile : 408-655-0946 / Email :

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chaca aeon said...

Couldn't find any locally, but the "where to buy" page had a link to an online retailer They only had the $10 cards left (seems the online retailer can't keep them in stock) but I purchased an online ePIN and it worked as advertised - no extra fees, no user registration required to use the card PIN. I only used $5, the remaining balance stays on the card and I can use it on another game, although at the moment I only play one game.