Tuesday, June 30, 2009

ONVERSE Runs On Ramen

In development for over a year and a half, virtual world Onverse opened its doors to users just last week. The five-person team launched on a shoestring --"on savings, family and ramen noodles," http://www.virtualworldsnews.com/2009/06/qa-onverse-ceo-steve-pierce.html Sorry Dear Readers (and Onversians...), but there is nothing new with this virtual world. Same old same old ... With such a competitive space over-saturated with kiddie and teen virtual worlds, you better get used to the Ramen, because it does not seem likely your world will make any dough. PG has an old hot pot stored from college days he can mail you guys to keep your noodle fix goin' ... Hate to be a prick. But you are doomed to wither and die i.e. FAIL unless you differentiate. Try doing something different - like tying in augmented reality via mobile content like vids and photos and sms's/twitters for a mobile centric virtual mixed reality world using your Onverse platform ... or just add frozen vegetables to your Ramen every now and then for variety.

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