Sunday, July 12, 2009, Partnering For Virtual Kids Universe

This is quite cool and smart. Kinda like Disney Interactive Group and its portfolio of virtual worlds, is partnering with virtual world publishers to launch a network of kiddie virual worlds under its brand. So far the virtual worlds, Faithful Friends (see FF TV hosts - quite hot MILF's...), Primary Games, Elf Island and robotics maker WowWee Groups Virtual Animal Care Center. Four additional virtual worlds will be added to the Idea Seeker Universe in the next month according to Jori Clark., which launched in 1995 and is the internet’s longest-running online family oriented community, is partnering with other virtual worlds, gaming sites, content providers and consumer products companies and real world destinations to create one safe and fun Virtual Universe.

“Since we have earned the trust of parents due to our history of supporting COPPA and CARU guidelines and because we have consistently delivered on our promise of being the place where their kids could Play Smart, Stay Safe, Have Fun™, we realized the time had come to create a network of partners that follow those same standards," describes Jori Clarke, founder of, now the Virtual Universe for kids and tweens. "With the ever expanding list of virtual worlds available for kids to play online, we know that many parents don’t have the time to review all of the options. They can be comfortable in the knowledge that every addition to our world will adhere to our mission statement.” has been seeking out partners with content that offers families wholesome fun for their kids, as well as an opportunity to do good in the real world or to bring families together in play. Each partner contributes a unique and fun play experience: Television and virtual world integration; toy and virtual world play support; online and offline “do good experiences”; novel approaches to game play. The following worlds and play options are now available in the Virtual Universe at

The Faithful Friends TV show, presented by Drs. Foster and Smith Pet Supplies on Animal Planet, provides to pet owners veterinarian advice and tips on subjects including health, nutrition, behavior, travel, new and aged pets, horses, fish & coral and birds. In the virtual world, kids have had the opportunity to watch TV clips and meet up with show co-host Electra Mustaine or leave messages for her on her avatar Idea Seeker home page. Faithful Friends is a copyrighted trademark property of Heads & Tails, Inc. and is created by Tony Loiacono.

Primary Games, created by teacher Susan Beasley, is a gaming site that offers kids, educators and parents access to learning games and activity pages that can be used in home and school settings.

Elf Island is a site that promotes good deeds with “Good Quests” that promote learning and giving back to others. While offering the fun virtual experience kids want, Elf Island is uniquely dedicated to instilling redeeming values and social responsibility, with a “mirrored gaming” concept that transforms online games into real world actions, including building houses in Honduras, protecting polar bears in the Arctic, sharks in the Galapagos Islands and more.

WowWee Group Limited has established a virtual Animal Care Center for their award-winning brand of WowWee Alive™ plush animal babies. The huggable and life-like plush animals, which come “alive” in response to loving attention, can be fed and heard as kids play with them online. Two Online games – animal matching and trivia - provide kids with additional opportunities to interact with the WowWee Alive baby animals.

Four additional virtual worlds will be added to the Idea Seeker Universe in the next month.

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