Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pocoyo World Will Be Huge

Just watch, this will be HUGE as it has all the right ingredients for success; a) young family approved audience, b) Spanish demo, c) real world distribution in M&L (cartoons, comics...) and d) media channel (TV). "Pocoyo, the Spanish pre-school animated cartoon series created by David Cantolla, Luis Gallego and Guillermo GarcĂ­a Carsi, is getting a virtual world spin-off designed to increase engagement among its pre-school audience. The world, which has a number free zones, also has premium content behind a subscription wall. Brand owner Zinkia has had a team developing Pocoyo World for almost two years, TBI reports. "Pocoyo is a positive and educational for kids and we were motivated to give them more content on a daily basis," CEO Jose Maria Castillejo said. "It was a big risk for us to develop this, but we wanted to give children more Pocoyo content." Zinkia Entertainment owns the brand; Granada International distributes."

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