Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Linden Lab Gets New CFO

Wonder how long he will last? From VWN; http://www.virtualworldsnews.com/2010/01/linden-lab-names-bob-komin-cfo.html Linden Lab announced today that it has appointed Bob Komin as its new Chief Financial Officer. Komin will be stepping into the shoes left empty when former CFO John Zdanowski announced that he would be leaving the developer of Second Life last March. At the time Zdanowski said the company had overcome the challenges of a start-up, so he was moving on. Komin will report directly to Linden CEO Mark Kingdon and take responsibility for Linden's finances and Second Life's economy, which the company says reached $567 million in user-to-user sales in 2009. Most recently, Komin served as CFO for Solexel, a solar energy start-up. Previously he was CFO for voice-technology provider Tellme Networks, helping it through an acquisition by Microsoft. While some shares of Linden have been changing hands recently, it sounds like Komin is dedicated to building out existing revenue.

"“The virtual goods industry is in its early stages and there is enormous potential for Second Life to redefine how people interact with technology and think about what is possible,” he said in a statement. “Linden Lab – a pioneer in this multi-billion dollar industry – is a market leader today, and I am delighted to join the company during this phase of growth.”

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