Thursday, December 9, 2010

StarGirl of StarDoll Revealed

What a revealing and heart warming story by Helsingen Sanomat on Liisa Wrang - the rags-to-riches story behind Stardoll . You Go Girl!


kendrahammonds said...
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kendrahammonds said...

I am so proud of your accomplishments and I so love stardoll....but I am a little disappointed in what stardoll has become.
I see that Callie.Stardoll will not listen to me so I thought I would come to the person in charge you.
I am sure this could get to you so listen up.
I think that things on stardoll are pushing people to become superstars, and I know that is what you want but some people cannot afford to be superstars, and normal people cannot get certain things on stardoll just because they are not superstars. So this is a question will you give normal people some of the things we want. I cant buy a stove for my kitchen or a fridge for it because only superstars can. Please listen noone else will.