Monday, April 21, 2008

German World Panfu Teaches Children Spanish; Sees 1M+ Registrations in 4 Months

Panfu is a kiddie virtual world based out of Germany aimed at teaching children Spanish with games and socialization. Most of the content is in the localized language, but some is left in Spanish to promote immersion. The browser-based 2.5D world is ad-free--the educators behind it seem staunch on that point--and is supported by a $5.95/month subscription that gives premium users to buy clothes, own pets, and customize treehouses. "We launched this site in December 2007 in Germany and have seen more than 1 million sign-ups since in Germany alone," explained Dr. Zouhair Belkoura. "Driven by the huge success, we were quick to also launch our platform in Spain, France, and the Netherlands in February. The UK and Poland sites went online yesterday. "

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