Monday, April 21, 2008

Linden Lab Struggling With Open Source Initiative

From one of the most prominent Second Life developers on the open source viewer; "The Moment of Truth: A very insightful person once told me to look at what people are doing rather than listening to what people are saying (which more or less is a variation of "actions speak louder than words"). I can't ignore any longer the gap between what I'm actually doing compared to what I've been planning to in regards to the SL™ viewer. If you look back over my last posts here, I said that I wanted to build something based on the 1.19 version, but if I look back what I actually did in over the last weeks, I see that I just didn't. Not that I didn't want to, it's just that I did not spend time on it after making an initial attempt with an 1.19.0 RC. Today, after I heard through the blog comments here that 1.19.1 went gold, I wanted to give that a shot, but seeing that there isn't any up to date source and hearing that a couple of people had trouble getting it to run out of the box, was the proverbial straw that breaks the camel's back. I just one time too often stumbled over LL™'s inability to support their open source in the most basic way."

Mssively also covers the story here;

"We here at Massively have never seen a viewer experience as good or as smooth as those provided by Beresford's patches, and we're going to miss that. Beresford's viewer felt like a luxury motor vehicle compared to Linden Lab's official viewer - and could be run for days without worrisome crashes or memory leaks."

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