Sunday, June 29, 2008

Merchant Accounts

Every business small, medium or large needs a merchant account. Today, it really doesn’t matter what your individual business is, if you are in retail or even low volume wholesale, then you can enjoy increased profits from the ability to accept credit cards. Markets change, however they may grow, and the internet has been hailed as the biggest contributor to their expansion. To say that the success that credit card processors and banks have had a fair shot at traditional, brick and mortar businesses is a fair assumption based on the thirty years that credit card processing has been available to businesses in the United States. The internet has made the transition for those businesses as well as new internet based businesses to thrive in international markets. Whether your business is product or service based, there is a market; in fact, some industries rely on the internet for their entire market. These types of businesses have bridged gaps between international and domestic business in that they have forced consumers to cross borders for their products and services.

The unfortunate reality of ecommerce is that while the businesses may be completely legitimate, they pay rates generally reserved for truly high risk businesses by banks and processors, daily. Domestic banks see ecommerce as high risk; their customers, a mystery and the business transcendent. The regulations that rule and preside over merchants and their credit card processing capabilities are antiquated to say the least. To say more is not necessary. Merchants have found ways to keep their processing fees low, or lower than traditional methods. Just as the internet brought together merchants and their customers, it has connected the very same merchants with international banks and processors that offer competitive rates while letting them enjoy higher volume limits and less restrictive regulations. Merchant service providers are a great resource when it comes to acquiring an international merchant account. Unlike many domestic banks and processors, they foster many relationships with banks worldwide with the ultimate goal of successful integration for each and every business that shows interest in their processing solutions. One of the keys to their success is no secret. With that much versatility, merchants can actually have a custom tailored credit card processing solution just for their business. They can offer full integration with the processor through them within seven days and services such as virtual terminals, third party fraud scrubbing, 3D secure processing and real-time reporting. With so many options out there, it will benefit the merchant the most by contacting a few merchant service providers and choosing the one that best fits your business and works within a time zone that you can live with. Another factor that separates certain brokers from others is that some specialize in certain industries and even businesses. For specialized industries, finding a merchant service provider that works your busy hours, can identify, help resolve and even protect your business against chargeback’s is one of the greatest assets you can have as a merchant.

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