Saturday, July 5, 2008

Evaluating Payment Systems - Introducing the Payment Systems Viability Index

PaymentGuy is please to announce the launch of an innovative new approach to evaluating payment systems; the Payment Systems Viability Index ("PSVI"). PSVI is the first system developed exclusively for evaluating payment systems for online commerce including the sale of real and virtual items, subscriptions and memberships. PSVI is an analytical tool allowing web site operators including MMOG and virtual world operators a fast and easy way to evaluate their existing payment method mix and predict the impact of deploying additional payment methods and make recommendations on improving the performance of payment systems.

The Payment System Viability Index was developed:

1. to identify the strengths and weaknesses of current payment systems;
2. to support business strategy for internationalization and new market development;
3. to measure the impact of changes to payment methods and systems; and
4. to find optimal payment systems per market;

How it works:

It works like a simple exel so anyone can use it. After inputting the relevant data into the PSVI framework including customer and demo target group coverage, revenue share, method responsiveness, usability and risk factoring the PSVI will score how many end-users will use the existing payment method mix or system and evaluate the ability ofthe method mix or system to generate profit for the web operator. PaymentGuy will be blogging more about the PSVI methodology in other posts so stay tuned.

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