Tuesday, September 9, 2008

ANOTHER Teen Virtual World

New 3D virtual worlds are appearing almost every week. And here's another one - under a .NET domain no less! Guess all the good .COM domains are gone. This one is called Hangout and is still in private beta at the moment, so if you want to have a look around you'll need to apply for an invitation.

This one claims to be designed for teens and if you watch the video on the homepage, it does look teeny. This one follows the predictable pattern of; a. each person will be able to have their own room b. which they will customize with virtual merchandise.
Graphics look ok and there is a decent level of customisation of the various rooms.
With most of these new worlds, there is little or NO innovation but interestingly, they are announcing both voice and text chat and the ability to create audio playlists and videos in the rooms. Tthere is mention of credit card payments on the terms of use, though this might not be for membership. The terms of use also say that user between 13 and 17 need to get their parents approval to register, so hopefully they are taking security seriously.

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