Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Franktown Rocks - Cool Kids Music World

PG Loves FrankTownRocks. They recently updated the world with a number of new features including;

1. ability to load up your music player with all kinds of different songs,

2. a new Record Store where you can go to check out new music,

3. a voting system in City Hall where you can vote on the latest city issues (and earn $25 Franks each time you do!),

4. a new game called Guitar Crazy,

5. a drag-and-drop voting system where you can vote on what new products they should make,

6. room and building upgrades,

7. new videos in the Franktown Theater

They were also profiled on the cover of Parents magazine

PG likes the music focus - hey every kid should be exposed and encouraged to play an instrument, sing and dance - and family friendly "parents need to be happy their kids are using this site" approach. Very cool and recommended. http://www.franktownrocks.com/index.php

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