Friday, September 26, 2008

What does Fruugo mean? New World Order!

The answer to Fruugo's intriguing equation 1L + 1M + 1P = 1 Language + 1 Mind + 1 Purpose = Success. Sounds like the New World Order. Or the Age of the Beast ...

In any event, whatever it is supposed to mean, with weird marketing 3.0 formulations like this, no doubt the Fruugo's are going to give the 1 world economy conspiracy crowd a lot to blog about ... pretty scary.

This reminds PG of the greatest wrestling team of all time - WWF NWO - New World Order! Hollywood Hogan, Scott Hall and Big Sexy Kevin Diesel Nash on one team - UBEATABLE!

NWO 4 Life Brotha!

At the end of the day, no matter what the Fruugo code is intended to mean, what the math says, what the reader infers, whatever - one thing is crystal clear: Fruugo's ecom stuff better be damn good if its marketing message is this damn bad (and confusing, and scary, and weird ...).

Oh yeah, Thanks to startup bin for getting the answer.

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