Saturday, September 20, 2008

Jeremy Monroe of Sulake Talks Targeted Advertising To Teens

From Gamasutra an interview with Sulake's Jeremy Monroe who "Talks Targeted Advertising To Teens"

Social network and virtual world Habbo (formerly Habbo Hotel) began in Finland in 2000, and has since grown to a worldwide community with over 100 million avatars registered and over eight million unique visitors monthly -- heavily biased to the teen demographic, but with an even split between males and females.

Ad support plays a significant role in Sulake's business model for Habbo, and the company often partners with major brands like Target or participates in promotions for films like Harry Potter.

Here, Sulake director of business development Jeremy Monroe talks to Gamasutra about the challenges of creating, integrating and marketing brands to a diverse, worldwide community of teens.

What role does creating opportunities with brands that fit with the audience play in Habbo overall experience

Jeremy Monroe: It's critical. Actually, I think it's something that is at the forefront of our brains when we go into a partnership. Not only does the company, but the property that they want to bring into the community -- does it fit? And we are willing to say no, if we don't think it's a fit.We do a lot of activity, like with Global Habbo Youth Survey, which is our market research, about what the community is interested in, how and where they're spending their time. What brands are interesting or cool to them, and what brands aren't. And what movies are interesting to them, what genres are interesting to them. We take that data, and it's really the basis for how we approach potential partners, prioritize those partnerships, and prioritize the type of properties that are coming into the Hotel.

Sulake is looking for a Vice President of North American Advertising by the way:

And a Director of AD Sales North America,-sulake-inc.,-santa-monica,-ca

PG thinks the VP AD Sales would report to the President of HABBO North America - but is not sure. The Director position looks a bit dated but it is still live on the net so who knows. Just check out the positions and see for yourself if you are interested in HABBO Ad Sales my Dear Reader ...

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