Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Franchise a Kiddie Virtual World Virtual World Developer Napfolt KFT of Budpest will partner with New Media Studio Nefele of Tampere Finland to bring one of the leading kiddie virtual world sites to Finland and Estonia! If you want to launch a kiddie virtual world you should check out this unique opportunity.
As blogged previously, PG recently spoke to Balazs, Juhasz, Founder of Hungary's largest social networking site and kiddie virtual world, CoolCamels. Cool Camels is published by new media company Napfolt KFT in Budapest. You may find more information at the corporate site and facts here The Napfolt Team can also send you a company and product presentation if you like. Cool Camels, or "Teve Club" in Hungarian, is the most popular virtual world / social networking site for youth (kids, tweens and teens) in Hungary. There are 3 language versions, Hungarian, German and English with Cool Camels currently completed extensive development and feature enhancement with a coming mobile version to help speed international expansion and registration.

Cool Camels is perhaps the internet's 1st "virtual pet virtual world". It was conceived and launched in 1999 and has been developed completely in-house. Its international development team is located in Budapest and has some of the finest developer and technical resources in the country.

The Cool Camels team, has created unique and innovative technology including a 3D chat, comic strip generator (with 50,000+ user generated comics and proprietary game portfolio. Napfolt has also successfully extended the Cool Camel's brand into merchandise, animation and print media. It has its own retail operations and publishing arm ala WebKinz.

Napfolt's current aim is to spread the CoolCamels project all around the world, basically as a franchise system on a revenue share basis to have as many language
translations as they can. The new 3D site ( is much more easier to translate as the old version ( - and is much more expandable (easy to
insert new environments, rooms, items, advertisers, etc) So they have to
spread the new version to many languages and countries as possible.

The current old version English ( and German ( websites will be modified and upgraded to the new version as soon we'll find a local partner.

What does Napfolt offer to a local partner?
1. Napfolt provides the engine
2. Napfolt will host the webiste on it's server
3. Napfolt will provide all the new developments they make - to keep all the language versions up to date
4. Napfolt will make all the special appearance requested by paying advertisers
5. Revenue share on all incomes generated on the local site

What does Napfolt expect from a local partner?
1. Local marketing - as they need local users
2. Translation
3. User support

Good deal in PG's opinion. Contact Balazs at


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I like to say I'm sadness by coolcamels making this move to open another site that they will not put any afford into once again.Not only does coolcamels not really move forward into the future but doesn't even put any afford into the user or their own staff idea's.Most of the staff at it's German & English version is left in the dark about the goings on across the sites.The Hungarian version is the only version they really try to put any afford into.It fails itself, with it's lack of moving forward with the times of the blogging generation.It's not only that, the promoting of camel marrying in kids and the promoting of relationship's online. That coolcamels has refused to listen to it's staff raising thier voice again and again against this and asking coolcamels to do away from promoting relationships in kids online.For the most part coolcamels has a bad rep in the promoting relationships in kids online.Until coolcamels move forward to safer online measures, i don't think their sites will really move forward.How do I know they wont?I have worked for Coolcamels English version for almost 6 years and time and time again, ask many people that work for coolcamels to change.It has fallen onto deaf ears