Tuesday, December 15, 2009

PlaySpan Virtual Goods Study

The survey collected data on the virtual goods buying habits of 2,425 randomly selected users of PlaySpan's product line (the PlaySpan marketplace, Spare Change, and the Ultimate Game Card).

New data revealed in the report includes the finding that 80% of users who make a virtual goods purchase do so in order to use the item in their game themselves. Only 20% of virtual goods buyers will purchase items with intent to give them to another player as a gift. Two-thirds of buyers purchase virtual goods about once per month, with one-quarter purchasing as often as once per week. Only 7% of those responded purchased every day. Likewise, only 12% stated they purchase virtual goods only once per year.

Users who avoid purchasing virtual goods sold by other players or by third-party sites do so out of fear. 42% of respondents said they would not purchase from third-party sites because it would be a TOS violation that could close their account, while another 42% said they wouldn't make such purchases due to fear of being scammed. Only 9% of respondents indicated that they simply didn't know how or where to make virtual goods purchases from third-party sites. PlaySpan interprets these results as a concrete demand among players for safe, sanctioned secondary marketplaces like its own. The complete version may be downloaded from PlaySpan http://corp.playspan.com/pressroom.html.

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