Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gemini Mobile Launches eXplo in China

Gemini Mobile is taking its mobile virtual worlds platform, eXplo, to China. eXplo, which was named as one of Deloitte's Wireless Fast 50 in November, is already in Japan, where it has attracted over 250,000 users to SoftBank Japan's S!Town. eXplo will now target Chinas 500 million mobile subscribers with several new features: one allows users to visit different virtual islands, which they can decorate, customize, and set move between; a second is based on a university campus, substituting dorm rooms for islands and bulletin boards for celebrities. "The world is rapidly moving to the mobile phone becoming the center of all social life and nowhere is the adoption faster than in China," Leo Zhang, President Gemini Mobile Technologies China, said in a statement. "With eXplo, we are moving virtual worlds from the computer to mobile phones, giving users the ability to truly make their mobile devices the place to shop, play, chat and share."

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