Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sulake President of North America Tells LA Times 10% of Habbos Spend $17-$18 per month (let's do the math...)

PG just had to return to the issue of Habbo spending limits visited in the post below. Something does not compute here.

If Sulake's President of North America is to be believed (see that 10% of Habbo Users spend $17-$8 a month buying furni (and other virtual items) and Habbo has 100 million users registered with Sulake reportin on its homepage 10 million "unique visitors" a month this would mean ($17 x 1M) = $17 million a month spent on virtual items at Habbo Hotel. So for 1 year ($17 mill X 12 mo) this totals north of $200 million in revenue. WOOT! If only ...

However, in the Finnish business press Sulake recently reported revenues rose approximately 20% to 25,6 million euros ($36.5 mill usd) for the first 6 months of 2008 with the majority of the revenues from sale of virtual goods in Habbo Hotels world wide. Sulake also said annual growth for 2008 will be around 30%.
That would make for 53 mill euro or $73 mill usd revenue per annum and that includes IRC Galleria revenue and HABBO ad revenue.

So can it be true that 10% of HABBOS spend $17-$18 per month? - FUHGETTABOUTIT!.

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Jussi said...

The 10% must be from monthly active users, which according to one of founders (Sampo Karjalainen) is roughly 9 million.