Wednesday, September 3, 2008

RocketOn Rocks (Part II)

The RocketOn guys are still in Beta but doing cool things already. PaymentGuy likes the idea of parallel virtual worlds and the platform approach. Read the PR here "RocketOn & Animax Partner on Virtual World Creation; Industry leaders team up on parallel virtual worlds"

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- September 2008 -- RocketOn, Inc., creator of the Parallel Virtual World Platform, and Animax Entertainment, an Emmy-winning multiplatform entertainment studio, today announced at the Virtual Worlds Conference in Los Angeles, their strategic partnership to co-develop parallel virtual worlds.

RocketOn will benefit from Animax’s expertise in creating high quality animated content and from its relationships with major brands, media networks & movie studios. Animax and its clients will have access to RocketOn’s Parallel Virtual World Platform™ and authoring system, making it easy to rapidly deploy virtual spaces, avatars and games across any website.

“RocketOn is a great way to launch and manage parallel virtual worlds,” says Michael Bellavia, CEO of Animax. “It enables us to create rich browser-based, virtual environments anywhere on the web without a user download. In a matter of weeks, we can literally build out a virtual space, deploy it on a website and populate it with content.” RocketOn manages the entire platform, including integrating the content, running the servers, and providing billing, e-commerce, analytics, maintenance and customer support. Animax’s team would determine the strategic implementation, develop the marketing plan and produce the creative.

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