Friday, September 5, 2008

Conferences ... Conferences ... Why spill your guts?

Why do all of these virtual world execs go to conferences and start spilling their guts? I mean, what is there to gain (other than free airfare, comped hotel, food and drinks of course...) from going to a hot smelly room of strangers and in the process telling the world about everything successful they have done and what they have learned from all the mistakes they made in the past? Is there some secret hidden ROI from blah blah blahing and power pointing all your good stuff at conferences full of competitors and wanna be competitors? There must be! Certainly... otherwise why do it?

Anyway, on that note ... PG recently came across an excellent preso on HABBO Hotel. It is a very detailed 66 slides and authored by their CTO no less. You may access it here.

This is great stuff full of best practices, inside information and how-tos and how not to's. It is especially useful insider info for existing competitors or potential competitors like a team of devs or new media studios mulling over the prospects of creating a BABBO MOTEL.

Ever see anything like this from the dev crew at Gaia online? Howard Ganz detailing Webkinz? Or Lane Merrifield on Club Penguin? PG has not.

Well maybe there is some heavily sterilized, "Disney-Legal-Counsel" redacted and sanitized stuff Lane presents at conferences now that he has cashed in his virtual igloos for $700 mill usd. However, there is no virtual world publisher so generous with sharing its IP as Sulake. The HABBO guys seem to love spreading oodles and oodles of insider power-point goodness and best practices all over the web. Just GOOGLE "HABBO PPT" or "SULAKE PPT" and see for yourself.

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