Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sulake's General Manager North America Quits HABBO

Recently, one of PG's contacts got an auto reply mail after emailing the SUlake North American General Manager Paul Thind; "“Hey All, My last day at Sulake Inc. was October 31st, 2008 ….Blah blah blah….” PG just confirmed this.

Anyone now what is up? Where oh where has the real brains of Sulake USA gone? Thind was typically known as the hardworking practical no-nonsense manager who kept the HABBO USA ship floating while the other ex-pat Finnish EVP's, SVP's, etc... enjoyed LA. Thind is still profiled on the Sulake Careers page - typically Sulake-PR-weird
Paul Thind, General Manager, Sulake USA
“ Sulake is energetic, creative and fast paced!”

“Sulake is one of those special companies that continues to innovate at breakneck speed, yet maintains a great deal of attention to our users' experience. We continuously learn a lot about working in different countries with different business cultures and business situations. If it hasn't been implemented yet, it will be. That's what we do!

Running the operations in North America is incredibly challenging and equally as rewarding. I like working on expanding the business and building the brand through strategic partnerships and new relationships. I also enjoy working with the 'rapid fire' teams in our Headquarters who passionately care about our business and want to help the country offices succeed as much as possible.

Due to Sulake’s extensive international presence, unique and forward thinking billing systems, and Habbo – one of the best community oriented websites on the planet, I can strongly recommend Sulake as a working place! Sulake is global and local at the same time. The company has identified a way to produce a safe and fun experience in the bleeding edge social networking and casual gaming space and have done it the 'Sulake way'. Best practices are implemented through to the countries where local management can integrate them. The smaller country offices have the entrepreneurial vibe to make quick decisions and are trusted to do so.

Sulake is for those who are looking for a company that listens, that acts, and executes. Sulake continues to innovate because the people who make the company genuinely care and are passionate about it. It's a great feeling to be around that kind of energy!”


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