Friday, November 21, 2008

PaymentGuy's Hero of the Week - Barclays' Roger Jenkins

Mr. Jenkins is this week's winner of the coveted PG Hero of the Week Award, awarded to the dude best able to get paid in this recessionary global economy! And his wife is hot, smart and connected. Better yet, he is 51 and she is 36, a perfect age gap between uber-payment-dude husband and global-glamor-babe-socialite-business-Goddess wife. They have 2 young boys also. What a role model! Mr. Jenkins, kind Sir., will you be my mentor please, pretty please? You may contact me at My calls to your Wife's fax machine went unanswered for some strange reason ... here is what NYT reports on his latest triumph: "Mr. Jenkins will not discuss his compensation and the bank discloses pay details only of its four executive directors. But his looming reward, perhaps more than £30 million (almost $45 million), underscores how much cash-constrained institutions must reward the deal makers crucial to their survival — even at a time of austerity and caution in international banking."

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