Tuesday, November 11, 2008

JumpStart Offers Prepaid Card With Incomm

TORRANCE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Knowledge Adventure®, the leader in adventure-based 3D virtual worlds for 3-to-10 year olds, today announced it will be adding pre-paid game cards to its JumpStart® brand of product offerings as part of the company’s transition and expansion into the online gaming market. To support this growth initiative, Knowledge Adventure has partnered with leading industry game card provider, InComm, to help fuel JumpStart’s expansion beyond the retail shelf. This partnership is the next step in the highly anticipated launch of JumpStart’s browser-based 3D virtual world, coming this holiday season. Prepaid gift cards are experiencing astronomical growth in the market. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), last holiday season two-thirds of all American consumers gave gift cards at least once. This year, the trend continues upward, with holiday gift card sales expected to top $100 billion dollars.

“We see pre-paid game cards as a natural progression of our growth as we head into the upcoming holiday season,” said David Lord, president & CEO Knowledge Adventure. “Striking a partnership with InComm was a logical choice for a pre-paid game card partner as they are already working with many of the major retailers. We expect this exciting partnership will help us expand our JumpStart brand footprint both domestically and internationally.” The partnership enables Knowledge Adventure to also increase store presence at those retailers who already carry packaged JumpStart software, as well as creating an opportunity to enter new retail markets including drug stores, grocery stores, and other retail outlets that don’t necessarily have a software aisle. “As the premier provider of pre-paid game cards we believe Knowledge Adventure family products are a great addition to our roster,” said Michael Frasier, Business Development Manager at InComm. “We’re looking forward to helping the JumpStart brand become synonymous with virtual gaming through new entry points into the market.”


Kristi Ann said...

I think a prepaid card is a great idea. It's a good incentive and very easyto use.

Nick said...

FRAUD! Theft alert!

The packaging for this software FAILS to discloser the requirement for a paid account. I wanted a stand alone game for my children and made a purchase accordingly. Then, I found, in 4 point font on the rear, a requirement for a broadband connection. When I tried to install the software, I found that JumpStart only works with a paid subscription.

samuel said...

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