Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Club Penguin Founders may Lose $350million Bonus

Compared to HABBO or WEBKINZ, Penguin is virtual 2.5-D-crap. But the beauty of the business and why Disney forked over $350 mill USD in CASH was its large North American kiddie and family community, huge profits and unbelievable operating margins for a 25 person dev team in the retirement haven of Kelowna BC. However, the growth seems to have stalled and it seems the Disney Finance sharpies are not wowed with the Virtual Arctic World's Growth. Does this mean the ClubPenguin founders lose the alleged extra $350 mill potential earn-out based on growth and performance? PG sure hopes so ... these 3 made way enough dough off their 2.5D kiddie-world.´ See related post here

At $350 mill usd, that was $500 per Penguin - Murdoch bought MySpace for $27 usd a MySpacer

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