Friday, November 7, 2008

Disney CFO on Club Penguin in 08

-- Club Penguin: Disney acquired the kids' virtual world last year for $350 million in cash and a possible earn out of $350 million. Is it performing as expected? "Club Penguin actually is doing quite well for us." Disney recently launched a CP consumer products line on a limited scale. "It's not launched broadly yet, so this is anecdotal, but it's really a fairly hot property right now where we've launched it so we're looking to see if we can roll it out more broadly." In terms of the subscriber growth, "we're not overwhelmed but we're pleased."

CP also just launched its first non-English-speaking site in Brazil. "I think that bodes well for the future so I think there's real growth potential for Club Penguin and the rest of the work we're doing in virtual worlds."

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