Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Clickandbuy Payment Problems Increase at MMO Cabal Online

From "Some problems at Click and Buy"
Hello peeps
I have noticed myself that there is an increase in tickets with problems at Click and Buy. Anyone asking questions about this should be given the following advice:

I have to look through all the tickets to see what the problems are then I will get onto Click and Buy about them.
When you write a ticket please remember to include:
1. Your game account id
2. The payment system you have a query on.
3. Your Click and Buy (or other system) account username and number.
4. The date of your transaction
5. The amount of your transaction in € and Cabal cash.
6. A receipt or confirmation of your purchase if you have one.
7. Details of any error message that you might have encountered.
If you include all these details in your first message your tickets will be processed much more quickly. And PLEASE just send ONE ticket for any one problem as it takes precious time gathering them into one ticket to process. And please send your ticket to just ONE section. Sending a clutch of tickets for one problem to every section doesn't help anyone. Thank you, I'll let you know as soon as I can give you any news.