Monday, November 3, 2008

UK's Best Online Bank Payment Method - Fast£rPay

PG wants to tip off his loyal readers to what is likely the best online banking payment method currently offered in the UK. Fast£rpay is an alternative billing platform in the United Kingdom for those customers who do not wish to use credit or debit cards. It is awesome in that it allows customers to pay online via all the major British banks If you currently have customers in the UK or want paying customers in the UK for your MMO or Virtual World but do not offer FasterPay, you should ASAP. Otherwise, you are losing money! This payment system is that good it is a must have for your international payment method mix.

So that was the bottom line. Here are the details why you need this payment method, why it’s different and why it is safe, secure and easy to use:

- FasterPay takes advantage of the new “Faster Payments Service” which was recently launched by 13 of the largest UK banks (

- This allows them to process online bank transfers instantly for the first time in the UK, meaning customers can pay via their usual internet banking portal safely without needing to enter credit / debit card details anywhere.

- They offer merchants a very low fee, per transaction (£0.55) which is DIRT CHEAP when compared with credit card, SMS and telephone billing solutions. Most banks will charge more than this themselves, simply for receiving a Faster Payments transaction on their accounts.

- FasterPay is an excellent, safe alternative to paying online via credit / debit cards, SMS, or IVR.

- This service is especially attractive to MMO's, Virtual World Operators and internet companies outside the UK who do not have bank accounts there and are unable to process such transactions by themselves. But it is also great for domestic UK merchants given the cheap fee structure.

- FasterPay is the only company to offer such a service in the UK and it is similar to the Dutch (iDEAL) that now processes over 2,000,000 transactions per month and is by far the most popular payment method in The Netherlands. This is also similar to Finland's eSOLO service.

PG says get this payment method so you can start getting paid via UK bank transfers today! To drop them a line or give them a call go straight to the top with the MD's contact info:

Paul Fargus, Managing Director
Faster Pay Limited
M: +44 (0)7718 600 989
T: +44 (0)1482 214 714
F: +44 (0)7718 219 411
+44 (0)845 224 96 45 (support line)

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