Monday, November 3, 2008

Yogurtistan in Private Beta

This new Virtual World & Virtual World Marketplace developed in Turkey looks really innovative and cool. Check it out and join the beta!
Frequently Asked Questions

1- What is Yogurtistan?
It is a browser based three dimensional virtual world. Every member of this world selects one avatar for herself/himself and then they can chat, play games or trade goods and services with other members.

2- Chat is fine. How are they ever gonna do trading here?
Yogurtistan is an online marketplace as well. Here you can meet thousands of members and buy and sell virtual/real goods and services. Any citizen can open a shop and start selling services or goods. Yes, you can sell real goods here too.

3- What can one sell or buy here?
This is a multiplayer online world, therefore if you have an idea to sell anything or have something that you make or trade, you can decide to sell here. This is a marketplace that you can meet people and chat with them online.
For example, one can sell consultancy, ideas, photos, designs, virtual dresses, real dresses, animations for avatars, your music, your blog's articles, your time, jeans... Just name it. We do not allow though to sell other people or solicit yourself for any reason. Also it is prohibited to sell anything illegal here.

4- What should I do if I have something to sell?
First you should be a member. And you will select your avatar and home. All up to now is for free. Then you must rent a store for one year. The cost of this is not much, something like 50 YTL (40 USD., 25 euros). You will get “kayme”s in exchange for this money too.

5- Kayme? What is that?
Kayme is the name of the virtual currency in Yogurtistan. All financial activity works with kayme here. You can buy kaymes using your credit card.

6- What if I don't have anything to sell?
That is perfect! You will enjoy the atmosphere, social groups, chat with others, play games with thers, perform window-shopping, shop with your avatar friends, meet in person with other avatars. Or you can stay home and think. Every member of Yogurtistan will get 100 free kaymes. You can buy anything for sale here, change your looks, listen to music etc.

7- What is difference of Yogurtistan from other virtual worlds?
This is the first 3D virtual world designed with Adobe Flash. We are crazy and big about giving people their power back. This will be through real and virtual economic activity and later through community power creation tools that you will create. Very soon you will see more...

8- Who sits behind this?
It is us a small group of creative people with our own intellectual capital and nothing else. We got financial backing from a venture fund called Golden Horn Ventures. No big boss, no global capital, no shady stuff.
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