Sunday, October 25, 2009

Stop Working For Peanuts ...

... and start making more money with the hard working folks at Peanut Labs - a solid choice partner when you want to "monetize" i.e. cash-in on that online community of yours.

Here's why;
1.) Surveys. Everyone does CPA offers and leadgen offers and Peanut Labs has the same global inventory of offers and fancy targeting as all the other providers. On top of this, they offer true market research surveys. Surveys are free, clean and no personal information or credit card info are required. Surveys are the DNA of their business and PG understands they are close to owning the social media sampling market in North America:

2) Results. Peanut has been consistently outperforming other providers in AB tests... but of course this is exactly what you would hear from each of them. However, Peanut has the nuts to back this up and their data shows conversion on surveys is usually 25-30% which drives overall conversion up. They also rotate inventory daily (unlike static offers) so many users come back every day to check for new surveys.

3) Service and UI. Read the Forums. Peanut users have a typically better experience getting credited and getting responses with them than others in the space. They seem to be able to get inside your head.

4) Culture. Apparently the Peanut crew party like Rockstars, buy a lot of free drinks and bend over backwards to keep their clients happy. Nothing wrong with that ...

Contact Anya or Ali for more.

Anya Shapina | VP Business Development |
Peanut Labs, Inc. | 114 Sansome Street. Ste 920 | San Francisco, CA 94104
P: 415.608.6323 Skype: ashapina

Ali A Moiz | Chief Operating Officer
Peanut Labs, Inc. | 114 Sansome Street. Ste 920 | San Francisco, CA 94104 |
P: 413.884.4072 | F: 413.803.0176 | Skype: ali.xuqa

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