Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sulake Could Be A Major Social Gaming Player

Pssssssst.... did you hear about the Hidden HABBO Treasure? Probably not. Anyway, PGFYI Sulake has a hoard of terrific undiscovered game treasure in HABBO Hotel developed over the years. Yes, there are hundreds of super awesome games developed by Sulake for Habbo over the years which many Habbo's have never played because they are too busy chatting with other Habbos or decorating their Hotel rooms. But this super resource should not waste away hidden in the Habbo Hotel Library.

Rather, Sulake should release its game library on a stand-alone gaming platform and through FaceBook, MySpace, Hi5 and Bebo - not to mention its own social networking site IRC Galleria (maybe port the players of your games from FaceBook and MySpace to IRC once it takes off;?). Bottom Line: Sulake has an in-house developed games library which, if distributed across multiple social networking sites, could turn Sulake into a major Social Gaming Player.
Maybe contract those 30 or so devs your firing to form a social gaming studio to do just this? Just some advice for Sulake management - free of charge.

PG PS: Did you know Sulake has its own social networking site? Probably not ...

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